Different Versions of R4i

Since the wildly successful original R4 Revolution DS Card came out, there has been one major revision to the card, as well as several copycat variations of the R4 card. All but one of these variations of the R4 card were not produced by the original Team R4 – however, some work better than others, and a few have distinct advantages. Our quick list of what versions are out there, and what to avoid, are below. The cards we recommend are in bold:

RECOMMENDED: R4v2 (Original, but no longer in production)
RECOMMENDED: R4 SDHC (Non-original, but reliable high-capacity card)
Don’t forget that it’s not just R4 cards that work on the Nintendo DS – there are many other types as well, listed on this website. However, the absolute original would be the R4 (now known as the R4v2 after the spring mechanism fix).

Original Manufacturers

Factories other than that of the original R4 have made similar DS cards since the success of the original R4 Revolution DS Card. Some of the cards that have been produced include the following. You can clink on links to be taken to a descriptive page of that particular card, and all of the cards in the below list are genuine:

· Acekard / Acekard2 / Acekard 2i
· EZFlash / EZFlash V / EZFlash Vi
· Supercard DSONE / Supercard DSTWO
· Cyclo DS Evolution / Cyclo DS iEvolution
· M3 Adapter / M3i Zero

Fake Cards?

The notion of “fake” cards is both a truth and a myth. It is true that pretty much every card that spawned from the original R4 DS Revolution card is not original. However, spin-offs of the original Team R4 have produced the R4-SDHC card. While not original, the R4 SDHC card holds a key advantage over the original R4v2 card. There are some companies, however, that appear to produce sub-standard cards. Some of these include:

· R6
· R4 or R4i “Gold” Cards (all of them are fake!)
· E7
· R4 Advance
· R4 Ultra
· R4i White/Black/Beige boxes

There exist fakes for some non-R4 cards (such as the DSTT). However, the vast majority of clones are R4 or R4i-branded. Avoid anything other than then R4 SDHC and R4i 3DS cards – this includes cards like the R4 Ultra, R4 Advance, R4i Gold, R4 Gold, and so forth – these are ALL fake cards. Some examples are below.

In summary, there is no real thing as “real” or “fake” cards – only the original R4v2 Revolution DS Card, and ‘copies’ separated into two categories:

Ones that work

Ones that don’t!

It is always best practice to avoid clone / copy cards.

Avoiding Clone / Fake Cards

We have a list of recommended retailers for different countries, which you can see in our “Where to Buy” section. We base links on that page on consumer feedback, reputation and quality. Websites listed on our “Where to Buy” page are reliable, and only sell top quality cards and provide exceptional service. We are always looking for new stores to add there as it’s very rare for stores to only sell genuine cards these days – so please write in and let us know if you know of a store selling only genuine cards!

6 thoughts on “Different Versions of R4i”

  1. Frank says:

    You have real good recommended R4i there. It’s great that you listed some. The R4v2 actually is very good but it’s just sad that it’s no longer being produced. And also, even if you buy a used one, they don’t offer support to it anymore. I feel it was the best version out there.

  2. Duncan Matthews says:

    I was a victim of fake cards and it was painful honestly. I spent a lot of money on it only to receive something that is not working. It’s good that you mentioned it because most will try to sell them as originals but they’re not. That’s why it’s important to only buy from trusted sellers online.

  3. Joshua says:

    Just a piece of advice though, don’t just buy something because you read that it’s recommended. Please, most of these folks are just trying to upsell things. That’s why if you want to buy, check videos of known players so you won’t have to settle for less. There are many videos that will guide you, don’t worry.

  4. Eve says:

    I bought the gold version. Awesome!

  5. Edward says:

    I’m not very particular about the version of each card I buy. I buy them because I need them.

  6. Manuel says:

    Hey! Thank you so much for explaining very well the different versions of R4i.

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