NINTENDO DS CARDS: Alternatives of R4


The sad thing about the tech industry is the booming industry of copycats and clones. Most of the manufacturers of R4 cards started to create a copy of this memory card because of the high demands. That’s why, we have several versions of these cards in existence that people are actually buying because it’s cheaper with the use of code promo ardene on checkout.

Fortunately, there are many companies that started to create a legitimate version of the R4 cards. They also improved its features so more people can enjoy playing with their Nintendo DS consoles. The satisfaction of customers prompted them to continuously evolve their products to what we have now. Like how Vodafone improved its system therefore we are now enjoying Vodafone recarga. With these, the following versions of R4 cards were born. We will take a look at the top options you can have.

The M3 Card/ M3 Adaptor

The team of M3 consistently innovated their way to create hardware that will benefit the consumers more. They designed a product to fit the side loaded Micro-SD slot of Nintendo DS cartridge. However, the problematic part is once the SD is inserted to the adapter itself, there is a possibility that it will fall out while you are playing with it or you are transporting this gadget. This caused a lot of issues with other people because it easily destroyed the product.

dsHowever, the firmware that they used is the best in existence as of that time. The firmware is not only fast, but it is also efficient and robust. Also, it paved way to the transition of the gaming use of Nintendo DS to smartphones during its early days. More features were soon added to this product as time goes by. Although the challenging part was the price. It was more expensive than the current original R4 card. Also, the main reason why so many people liked this adaptor is their continuous update on the system. They constantly create changes to make it better. Almost weekly, they provide a firmware update. This extreme attention to detail made them really known in the community. It won them a lot of fans despite the price that they set as normally, the original R4 card is cheaper. But since they know how to give the fans what they need, they were able to set themselves above the competition. As a result, they managed to snatch a fair share in the market.

There are several versions that followed after their initial release. It was because of the consistent upgrade of Nintendo DS console too. With this, fans saw how they take care of their customers and they understand that this is one serious tech company that will deliver results no matter what. Because of this, they were able to increase their sales consistently making them the front runner in this competition of having the best R4 card for Nintendo 3S console.

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The AceKard / AceKard 2i

r4Another team that is competing with M3 card is the Acekard. They have a different approach in their product. They focused on the software making it as smooth as possible. Because of this, it forced the other companies to also focus on their software so they can compete with AceKard. Also, instead of rolling out other grand functions, they just focused on the bare essentials needed for an R4 card. They became known as the barebone M3 card because they don’t have fancy additional features, only solid basic features that a casual player needs. Because of this, they are the cheaper alternative as compared to the number one in the market currently.

Although one of the things that they keep that the original R4 card ditched already is the spring design of their card. For some users, it is usable and did not cause a problem. Others find it an issue because it sometimes fail and can cause great inconvenience while playing.

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    Having so much time to play, I just love how this card is so quick respond. 🙂

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    Some cards do not function this good. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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