1. How to Order?

Please place orders using our online shop system for products you like. It is also very easy to register and start ordering right away. Please don’t attempt to place orders by email, fax, or phone unless some special occasions. Please discuss with our customer service representative.

You can register with R4wood before placing orders or just to order as a guest. Any products added to your online cart remain there until you remove them, or check them out.

2. Could I do drop shipping ?

Yes. R4wood accepts drop shipping orders.

3. Payment Method

Any PayPal payment with “R4” in the product description may be detected, consequently get account limited and punished up to $25,000usd, we do not use their payment service now Credit card payment to China Account (Your bank card photo may be required to prove you have made the order)

4. Why there is additional charge over my order amount ?

Three sources may count, contact your bank to check details. 1) Cross-border royalties fee between credit/debit card issuing organization and Banks; 2) Float exchange rate from GBP, EUR to CNY; 3) Transfer fee from your credit/debit card issuing bank

5. Why My Order Still in Awaiting Payment ?

R4WOOD will check your payments at our business hour ( Beijing 9:00-18:00 ), and do the order status update. If payment completes, update into Awaiting Fulfillment. If payment does not go through, update into Cancelled;

6. Do I have a Guarantee or Warranty ?

All products from R4wood are 100% tested, 100% work fine and 6 months quality warranty (Product with specified expiry time is not included here) .

7.Privacy Notice

R4wood respects your privacy and takes your online safety seriously. Your personal info can be deleted from r4wood anytime if required. And R4wood will never expose your personal info to the third party. Payment is under VeriSign SSL (128) security.

8. How can I return products back to R4wood ?

Login into R4wood with your Account Name and Password; Click Completed Orders to select the order that contains the product you want to return; Once complete the “RMA Requests” Form, Return address will be available.