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Adam Johnson

Nintendo Gamer

I got mine yesterday from digimartz, but I’m having issues with it. I’m only trying to use it as a DS flashcard but when I launch it from a DSL it’s only showing white screens. In a N2DSXL, launching it gives an error that requires a reboot. This is my first DS flashcard but I’m fairly certain I’ve set everything up correctly. I’m kind of at a loss at this point.

Mike Stuart


I bought the same r4 card, but I’m having a bit of trouble. When I put it in my New 3DS XL and try to load the card (in DS mode), I just get met with a black screen and I have to force restart it, but when I put it in my friend’s Old 3DS XL, it works just fine. Is there something I’m supposed to do to get it to load in my N3DSXL?

Amanda Lee

Nintendo User

I just ordered this card yesterday and they sent me the confirmation that they supposedly already shipped it but still no shipping number (shady) but reliable according to everyone else

Melisa Pomero

DS Gamer

I have a question about this card by pre flashed do you mean I don’t have to grab a source 3DS and Flash it I could just pop it into the target 3DS right out of the box put that little switch on n and start modding my target 3ds?

Kevin Flint

Graphic Designer

lol I actually got my tracking number a day after posting but still no delivery….USPS delayed my order most likely due to incompetence it’s been in my city twice and it’s been sent elsewhere right now as of writing it’s 36 Miles from my house it sucks not to be able to choose FedEx.

Larry Hogan

DS Gamer

TWLoader doesn’t have support for most games run off an SD card, plus if you run TWLoader from the flashcard you don’t get things like RTS or cheats, one of the reasons you have a flashcard in the first place for most people. TWLoader is a great program and nds-bootstrap is awesome but is nowhere near at the level of compatibility and features that even the most basic of clone flashcards have.