What is r4i?


Gone are the days when you had to juggle between different cartridges to play different games. In this modern era, r4i card rule the roost which is the latest invention in the flash card technology. r4i cards emerged from R4 DS cards which are a component of the R4 product. These cards have a variety of enhanced features that the previous versions lacked. r4i cards along with microSD cards can also support digital high capacity cards. This ensures huge memory capacity which is to the tune of 32 Giga Bytes. This card is a one of a kind accessory that can make gaming experience breathtaking. Along with getting the best quality gaming experience, you can also enjoy listening to songs and watching movies.

dsr4i gold 3ds flash card is made by r4ids.cn, it is called R4i 3DS or R4i Gold 3DS. R4i Gold 3DS is the third generation of r4 card, it contains all function of before version. It is said to use a new core and encrypiton. Actually, the r4i gold 3ds card is same as r4idsn 3ds card. They are 1 kind of r4 3DS card,made by same r4 3ds technical team, but two kinds of package. R4i gold 3ds card also use wood r4 3ds kernel and old r4i kernel.r4i gold 3ds

The functionalities of r4i cards are embedded in what is called the r4i adaptor. Its functionalities are as follows,

1. It has the sleeper mode function for long standby time and power saving.
2. It can store the previously played game.
3. It has real time capabilities.
4. It is multi lingual. It can simplify English, German, Japanese, Chinese, Italian,French, Spanish and Dutch.
5. It supports Wi-Fi and browser expansion as well.
6. It can enter into an optimised mode automatically.
7. It supports FAT16 & FAT32 hence files can be transferred over camera, cell phones and PC. Game compatibility is 100%.
8. It supports downloaded games as well.
9. It supports soft reset, AR cheat code and four level brightness adjustments. Background change of user interface is possible.
10. It can be used to access an internet connection.
11. It supports iDS and NDS games.
12. It supports standard formats.

The best part about r4i cards is that up gradation of its firmware is possible and is dead easy too.

3 thoughts on “What is r4i?”

  1. James says:

    I remember, playing decades ago was not this convenient. You can’t save your progress so if you want to continue, you will have to start all over again. If you want to finish a game, then you need to finish it in one sitting. I miss the old days of playing for days to finish a game up until the end.

  2. George says:

    Thank god for the internet! Now you can download games and save. And also, you can play multiple games in one console. I was a bit intimidated with gaming to be honest because im a girl but now, even my bf can’t beat me.

  3. Deanne says:

    I can relate to what you just said. I remember, my mates will go to my flat and we’ll play the whole weekend to finish a new game. But it’s easier now because of these cards. You can save your progress so you can play daily and you don’t have to restart again.

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